Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking Garages

There could be as many as 2 billion parking spaces in the United States, with a third of these spaces located in parking garages [1]. All of these garages have one thing in common: They get seriously dirty. Dust, grime, car fumes, general waste — all of these things can result in grubby garages that…

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Our Commercial Exterior Cleaning Checklist

commercial pressure washing new york after

Commercial properties a hub of activity. And it’s easy for property maintenance to creep down to the bottom of your lengthy to-do list. One Stop Shop Exterior Cleaning Clean County delivers the alternative. Our team provides complete solutions to all your exterior cleaning needs, with: An extensive exterior cleaning menu that ensures every part of…

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Is Your Parking Garage Ready for Business?

Clean County Powerwashing

Every day, dozens – if not hundreds – of people share the same experience at your property. They pull their vehicle into a parking garage, inch it into a space, lock the doors, and head into your building. And before they leave, they repeat the process all over again. Your parking garage holds a vitally…

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